Monday, December 4, 2006

Victory for Chavez

It is now official. Hugo Chavez won the 2006 elections in Venezuela. The gap between Chavez and Morales was more than 20%. The elections went smoothly without any disturbance from the opposition and Morales admitted defeat quickly after the results came. Chavez six-year term as a president of the bolivarian republic begins on 10 of January 2007.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Venezuelan election on Sunday

After this Sunday it will stand clear who will be the president of Venezuela for the coming six years. It stands between the current president Hugo Chávez (representing Fifth Republic Movement) and Manuel Rosales (representing Un Nuevo Tiempo). There have been around two dozens of polls since late augusti and it shows that Hugo Chavez has the people on his side.

Anti-Chávez organizations have printed over 40 000 T-shirts stating in spanish "Electoral Rigging". There is no possibility for cheating in this election because following organizations and such will be election observers:
  • Carter Center
  • European Union
  • Mercosur
  • Organizations of American States