Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Facts the media isn't telling you

I found a video today on Youtube.com regarding the recent conflicts in the Levant territory (Palestine, Lebanon, Syria). Noam Chomsky tells the real deal of what really happened after Hamas won the election.

Israel and USA announced that they will punish the palestinian people for voting the wrong way in a free election but did not say how they will perform the punishment. Two palestinian civilians was abducted by Israel in Gaza and brought to Israel in late June.

Islamic Jihad acts quickly and abducts an israeli soldier near the border. As you probably know, his name is Gilad Shalit. The israeli government quicky responded and launched Operation Summer Rains with the goal to bring back Corpral Gilad Shalit. The operation was devastating for the palestinian people.

The Lebanese Hizballah kidnapped two israeli soldiers at the lebanese-israeli border causing a great crises. This was not done without any reason at all. Israel had at that time officially three lebanese prisoners. But that is not all. Hizballah felt sympathy for the people of Gaza and a two front conflict for Israel might release the pressure in Gaza Strip.

For the complete clip here's a link:


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