Monday, November 13, 2006


Ever since Spain left Western Sahara in 1975 the Front POLISARIO have been fighting the moroccan and mauritanian invaders. The Mauritanian army consisting of 3 000 armed men surrendered in 1979 due to Front POLISARIOS successful guerilla warfare. However, Moroccos armed forces kept attacking the Sahrawi people and its armed forces. A peacetreaty was signed in 1991 under UN surveillance. The Sahrawi people and Front POLISARIO are living in exil in refugee camps in Algeria.

In 1976 the Front POLISARIO established the Sahrawi Arabian Democratic Republic (SADR). It controlls parts of Western Sahara and acts as a democratic nation. It has full membership in the African Union since 1984 and over 80 countries recognize SADR.

In my opinion, I can not understand how two arabic nations could perform such horrible acts against a fellow arabian country. I think the Arab League should consider kicking Mauritania and Morocco out and instead make room for a West Saharian entrance.

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